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Cycling Events

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Our RouteArrows are Paper Arrow Stickers with a Strong Adhesive.

- RouteArrows are eco-friendly and economical, designed to give clear and obvious directions.

- Originally invented in 2005 to mark cycling event routes.

- Running and walking events really love RouteArrows too.

- Now they're used in every state and around the world!

- Available in 9 bright attention grabbing colors!

- Each RouteArrow is 3” x 11.9” tip to tail.

- Sold in Rolls of ~250 arrows.

Keep People Safe During COVID

Guide People Both Indoors and Out:

RouteArrows are eco-friendly, high-visibility, peel-n-stick temporary arrow stickers designed to give clear directions.

Designed for cycling and running events, RouteArrows uses have pivoted in this new reality.

RouteArrows can help with social distancing and guidance protocols at: 

- Schools and Childcare

- Offices and Workplaces

- Restaurants and Retail

- Grocery Stores and Farmers Markets

- Construction and Factories

- And many more!

What We've Learned... People feel safer and more comforted when the directions are clear and concise.

Our brightly colored RouteArrows clearly say: “The line is here, stand this far apart, flow in this direction”.

There is no real need to use any words for these directions, people get it. 

We all look forward to seeing RouteArrows back on fun cycling and running events again, and not needed as social distance stickers in our daily life and workplaces.

We know we will get there by helping each other stay safe and healthy!

RouteArrows Colors Match RouteBands

Our Original Product: RouteArrows!

RouteArrows.com is about one thing: Enhancing the quality of cycling and running events by providing easy-to-use route marking tools.

Our brightly colored RouteArrows are used for hundreds of different cycling and running events in the USA and around the world.

Use RouteArrows to quickly and easily provide visual guidance at events and for COVID protocol.

Eco-Friendly | High Visibility | Temporary | Peel-n-Stick Paper

Available in 9 Very Bright Colors, with 250 arrows per roll.

RouteBands: Color Matched to RouteArrows!

RouteBands are 1″ wide Tyvek® synthetic paper wristbands.

They are color matched (as close as possible!) to the nine bright RouteArrows colors!

- Strong, durable, and comfortable 

- Waterproof adhesive and sizable to fit

- Secure, tamper resistant, die cut adhesive tab

- Tyvek® is a 100% code two, recyclable material

- Upholds writing with permanent marker if needed

RouteLines and Blank Signs

RouteLines: Great for Start / Finish Lines, Hazard Marking, Queues, COVID Protocol, and Large Arrows!

- RouteLines are a Continuous, Un-Cut Roll, 3″ Wide x 195′ Long!

- Backing paper is center-line cut for easy separation from adhesive orange front paper.

- Great for anywhere you need high visibility temporary pavement marking without the hassles of paint!

- Eco-Friendly: paper printed with water based inks!

- Easy to apply, temporary & removable!

- Available in the same hi-viz orange adhesive paper material as RouteArrows!

Blank Signs: Great for using RouteArrows at Key Intersections, in Wet Conditions, and Wherever the Pavement Ends!

Available in 2 sizes:  Large: 16″ x 16″    |    XL: 16″ x  24″

- Come in Packs of 10 Signs + 20 Beefy Stakes (26″ Long).

- Signs are durable 6mm thick Black Coroplast plastic

- Reusable year after year!

Use RouteArrows on Blank Signs:

- at route splits and junctions

- in triathlon transition zones

- on gravel rides or trails runs

- or any events with unpaved routes!


Arrows have arrived. They shall be packed in my suitcase as I head to India for a 3 week bike trip. Our trip coordinator has used these arrows in running and cycling events and was in need of more. Thanks for your useful product.

Kate G. in Oregon

RouteArrows worked perfectly and made it much easier for the kids to navigate through the course, not to mention how easy it was to set up and remove if needed.

Nigel H. in Oregon

I have received a lot of compliments specifically about the route marking on the Sequoia. People found it very easy to follow the route. Thanks again.

Judy in California

I have had to order yet another 10 rolls of your fine product.

Lake A. in New York

Great product, inexpensive, visible and easy to manage! Thank you.

Tim A. in Texas

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