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RouteArrows Are Going to School

To help schools and school districts, we created a new page on our site specifically for schools so that they can learn about RouteArrows and easily request a quote for a PO!

Schools face many challenges when planning for safe reopening. RouteArrows are easy to use, eco-friendly, peel-and-stick paper stickers, sized 12" long x 3" wide, and are sold on rolls of 250. With our 20% discount, each RouteArrow costs less than 30 cents! 

Since March, over 60 different schools and districts, from elementary through university, totaling over 110 campuses in 22 states, have utilized RouteArrows to help implement their COVID protocols.

We are humbled to “play a roll” in keeping students and staff safe across the country!

As always please stay safe,

Roslyn and Randall