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Thank Your Route Marking Team with a Special Edition RouteCan!


Thanking your indispensable route marking team is a wonderful gesture, so we wanted to provide this unique token of appreciation to help you do just that!

Our “Special Edition” RouteCans are functionally identical to our very popular originals, but this edition has been upgraded with beautiful hardwood handles and brass fasteners, giving them a classically beautiful flavor.

→ These RouteCans have a truly unique appeal, made with various combinations of walnut, cherry and oak hardwood handles, all with an elegant hand-rubbed Tung Oil finish. 

Like the original RouteCan, these Special Editions also come with a whisk broom and a divider table (not shown). The slightly higher price just covers the additional cost of the beautiful hardwood and brass components.

→ This is a very limited edition, so when they’re gone, that’s it! If you would like to give a unique and beautiful gift to your amazing route marking team, this would be a wonderful way to do so! (Or maybe that means getting one for yourself!)


How to use: With either 1 roll or 2 rolls

    • Remove the white “Please remove...” stickers (if rolls are new!)

    • Put the first RouteArrows roll into the RouteCan, “right-side up” with “RouteArrows” text along the bottom.

    • Feed about 4+ in. of the first RouteArrow roll out through the vertical feed slot.

    • Place foam core into the roll’s center, then place/push the birch wood square on top to create the divider table.

    • Put the second roll of RouteArrows into the RouteCan on top of the divider table.

    • Feed about 4 in. of the second RouteArrow roll out through the slot.

      • As either roll is pulled/dispensed, the other roll will not be affected or moved.

    • Set the RouteCan on the ground to dispense RouteArrows, or work in pairs.

    • Start dispensing from either or both rolls of RouteArrows as needed.

  • When tearing off the backing paper, leave enough to continue dispensing.

Our RouteCans...

→ Are an economical, eco-friendly, lightweight, sturdy, easy-to-use RouteArrows dispenser.  

→ They're made from an unused (100% recycled Polypropylene) paint can - thus the name!

→ Provide a fast and easy way to dispense and use RouteArrows at your event.

→ The original RouteArrows dispenser (“RouteCase”) was great, but this new version is even better*!


*For more details about the RouteCan see the original product page!