NEW TrailFlectiv Ribbons - 10 Packs - Reflective Hi-Viz Trail Markers!

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TrailFlectiv Ribbons: Trail Running Event Route Marking - Upgraded!

These Reusable & Reflective Spinning Trail Markers:  “Without a doubt, they are the most attention grabbing tree markings our runners had ever seen.” - K.B.

Why Buy Our TrailFlectiv Ribbons?

  • They're perfect companions with our Trail Signs
  • They're Super Hi-Viz, making participants feel safer and more at ease!
  • They're reusable, season after season
  • Great for both Day and Night events!
  • They're fast and easy to both set out and retrieve
  • They're made in the USA, made to order, by my dad!***

How to Order TrailFlectiv Ribbons & Customize Your Colors:

1) Pick Your Ribbon Color - Neon Orange or Hot Pink

2) Pick the Reflective Tape Color for Side 1 - White, Lime, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue

3) Pick the Reflective Tape Color for Side 2 - Contrast Grabs Attention!

4) Add to Cart, Done! - If you need another color combo, Repeat steps 1-3!

If you have any questions, or would like a sample, please don't hesitate to call us! 

***Because this is a new product please inquire about the production & shipping time of your order!***