45 Degrees vs 90 Degrees

Thank you 719 Ride for using RouteArrows!

We always love to see the amazing route mark crews, so please feel free to share your behind-the-scenes photos with us!

Notice the RouteArrow tips are folded under for easier post-event removal, excellent!

This is also a good opportunity to point out a key route marking tip, especially for cycling events.

When marking a route, we recommend placing all “pre-turn” RouteArrows at a 45 degree angle, either left or right, but not at 90 degrees. This includes the arrow right at the turn!

Why, you ask?

When RouteArrows are placed at 90 degrees it’s not as easy to see if they’re pointing left or right, especially at riding speeds and for those that don't have perfect vision.

RouteArrows placed at 45 degrees clearly indicate the turn direction, and make that direction easy to see from a distance.

Right after the turn, we recommend a “confirmation” RouteArrow, placed in the direction of travel.

As we like to say “riders don’t make wrong turns, they miss the right one!”

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