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The Power of an Event

Events are often the inviting front door that:

  • bring people into the world of cycling and running
  • provide healthy activities
  • create a place to connect with friends, family
  • build community

By helping you provide high quality guidance, your participants can fully enjoy the event, and happily come back again.

A Dad-Daughter Duo

Randall and Roslyn here!

We're the team behind the small family business RouteArrows.com

We're both inventor / entrepreneurs and we share a birthday!

We love cycling, hiking, camping and just being outdoors.

Working together isn't always easy but it sure is a privilege and well worth it.

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We're Here to Help

If you have any questions about best practices or want some route marking tips and tricks please don’t hesitate to contact us!

My dad and I are here to provide valuable advice to help you make the best choices for your unique event.

RouteArrows are here to make your event a success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are RouteArrows?

Originally designed for route marking on cycling events and tours, RouteArrows are easy to use peel-n-stick paper arrows, that are now universally used for runs, walks and a diverse range of event types! They are 3” wide x 11.9” long, and come on rolls of 250. They are available in a rainbow of 9 High Visibility colors, and have a strong, non-toxic, adhesive that sticks to any clean dry paved road surface. And being just paper, they will disintegrate away by average traffic wear!

Read Our Instructions Here!

What are the different RouteSign options?

We have 4 unique types of RouteSigns, they are all: Reusable, Lightweight, Compact, & All Weather!

All of our Signs have perimeter holes to easily attach them to your stake, or existing hardware.

1) RouteFlectiv Signs: 12x12 inch square black and white signs, available in many Hi-Viz Reflective Arrow color options.

2) Blank Signs: Available in both black and white, 12x12 inch square signs, to be used with your RouteArrows.

3) Trail Signs: 8x8 inch squares of both black and white signs with numerous Reflective and Non-Reflective Arrow color options.

PRO TIP: We offer Reusable Zip-Ties in two lengths and 57 inch RouteCords to attach these signs to larger objects like trees, poles, etc!

How many RouteArrows do I need for my event?

For Cycling Events:
Our time-tested route marking method uses 5 RouteArrows per turn. With 250 arrows per roll, that allows for up to 50 marked points per roll. Therefore, if you have more than 45 turns per route, you should consider a 2nd roll of that same color to be safe. You can use less than 5 RouteArrows/turn in some locations, but 5 is a good baseline calculation.

In addition to turns, RouteArrows are also very helpful and often needed in and out of start / finish areas, rest stops, on signage or on an info sign at registration, check-in etc. Having extra arrows in SAG or support vehicles is a good idea too!

For Running and Walking Events:
Two choices! Marking just the turns (like cycling events) with 4-5 Arrows or use "the bread crumb method", where you also place arrows (1-3) at given intervals ie. every 10th of a mile, 1/4k etc. to keep participants on route and motivated!

Based on your chosen interval, you can calculate the number of arrows needed based on your route length(s).

Read Our Instructions Here!

What if our route is partially or fully unpaved?

That’s not a problem and we have you covered!

First, our Blank Signs are great for dirt trails, gravel roads, grassy fields, sandy beaches, and even on snowy routes! You put your RouteArrows on these black “Blank Signs” which make the bright RouteArrow colors really “POP!” We provide two heavy duty metal “Beefy Stakes” with each sign that are much stronger and stiffer than conventional “H” stakes used with most yard signs.

Second, we also have RouteFlectiv Signs! These reusable signs are one foot square, and have one daytime hi-viz fluorescent plus night-time reflective RouteArrow on one side. They’re are available in 5 packs and can be zip-tied (includes 20 reusable zip-ties per pack!), or otherwise attached to your own stakes, or existing roadside hardware (with permission, of course!)

What if it rains on or before the event?

RouteArrows must be placed on dry roads and surfaces.

Luckily, after being placed on dry roads, RouteArrows will survive a mild to moderate rain assuming very light traffic. If your event historically experiences lots of rain, RouteArrows might not be the best route marking method for you.

RouteArrows will not survive moderate to heavy rain when placed out in traffic as they are just paper. But, if rain is forecast just before or on your event, place RouteArrows (on dry roads) out of the traffic pattern to increase their lifespan.

For events in potentially or consistently damp environments we suggest using our Blank Signs with your RouteArrows on them, or RouteFlectiv or Trail Signs (totally waterproof)!