Some Common Questions:

What are RouteArrows?

Originally designed for route marking on cycling events and tours, RouteArrows are easy to use peel-n-stick paper arrows, that are now universally used for runs, walks and a diverse range of event types! They are 3” wide x 11.9” long, and come in rolls of 250 or 50 adhesive arrow stickers.

They are available in a rainbow of 10 High Visibility colors, and they have a strong, non-toxic, adhesive that sticks to any clean, dry, paved road surface. Since they are just paper, they will be worn away by average daily traffic!

See all RouteArrows colors on our All Products page!

What are the different RouteSign options?

We have 4 unique types of RouteSigns, they are all: Reusable, Lightweight, Compact, & All Weather!

All of our Signs have perimeter holes to easily attach them to your stake, or existing hardware.

1) RouteFlectiv Signs: 12x12 inch square black and white signs, available in many Hi-Viz Reflective Arrow color options.

2) Blank Signs: Available in both black and white, 12x12 inch square signs, to be used with your RouteArrows.

3) Trail Signs: 8x8 inch squares of both black and white signs with numerous Reflective and Non-Reflective Arrow color options.

Pro Tip: We offer Reusable Zip-Ties in two lengths and 57 inch RouteCords to attach these signs to larger objects like trees, poles, etc!

Should I get a RouteCan?

RouteCans are an economical, eco-friendly, lightweight, sturdy, easy-to-use RouteArrows roll dispenser.

RouteCans aren't required but do provide a fast and easy way to transport and dispense RouteArrows while route marking.

So if being more efficient is important to your team, RouteCans can save time and make the job more organized!

Shop RouteCans Here

What are RouteBands?

RouteBands are 1 inch wide Tyvek. A waterproof material invented by Dupont in 1955. Made in the USA  and durable. Our RouteBand colors match our RouteArrows colors - as close as possible - so participants can easily identify their route color.

If your event needs more than 400 RouteBands, please contact us for bulk pricing information!

How many RouteArrows do I need for my event?

For Cycling Events:
Our time-tested route marking method uses 5 RouteArrows per turn. With 250 arrows per roll, that allows for up to 50 marked points per roll. Therefore, if you have more than 45 turns per route, you should consider a 2nd roll of that same color to be safe. You can use less than 5 RouteArrows/turn in some locations, but 5 is a good baseline calculation.

In addition to turns, RouteArrows are also very helpful and often needed in and out of start / finish areas, rest stops, on signage or on an info sign at registration, check-in etc. Having extra arrows in SAG or support vehicles is a good idea too!

For Running and Walking Events:
Two choices! Marking just the turns (like cycling events) with 4-5 Arrows or use "the bread crumb method", where you also place arrows (1-3) at given intervals ie. every 10th of a mile, 1/4k etc. to keep participants on route and motivated!

Based on your chosen interval, you can calculate the number of arrows needed based on your route length(s).

Read Our Instructions Here!

Which color combinations DO NOT work well together?

The thing to keep in mind when choosing your color combinations: Contrast is Key.

Think about the color of the surface you're adhering your RouteArrows to as well!

Color combinations we DO NOT recommend using together, at the same event:
- Red-Orange and Orange 
- Lime and Yellow and Lager
- Blue and Aqua

Not great but acceptable color combinations:
- Green and Lime
- Purple and Pink

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend using Blue and Aqua on the same event / day.
Many humans see color differently and may not be able to tell those colors apart.

Where is the best place (on the road) to place RouteArrows?

For cycling routes, we strongly recommend putting RouteArrows “Left of the White Line” (LWL) not off to the right, in the shoulder/bike lane.

The advantages: The road is smoother and cleaner LWL, so the RouteArrows will both stick better and be worn away quicker, which is a good thing!

Shoulders and bike lanes come and go, so LWL is a more consistent location.

Lastly, riders in a peloton (groups) will more easily see the RouteArrows LWL, as their view is partially obscured out in front by the lead rider(s).

TIP: We don't recommend putting RouteArrows ON any white lines, especially the light colors like yellow, lager and lime, they won't be as visible!

Read Our Instructions Here!

What is the best angle to place RouteArrows?

Place all Pre-Turn RouteArrows at a 45 degree angle, either left or right.

This allows the participant to easily distinguish and understand the correct turn direction much sooner.

Turn arrows, placed at Right angles (90 degrees) to the direction of travel, are harder to distinguish due to the very low angle at which they are seen.

Place all other, (ie. “affirmation” and “confirmation” arrows) parallel to the direction of travel.

Read Our Instructions Here!

Can RouteArrows be used for Runs, Walks or other event types?

RouteArrows are also excellent for events such as half marathons, 5k races, walkathons etc. Unlike on bike rides, walkers and runners are moving slower so they need less notice time before the turn.

We suggest 3-5 RouteArrows per turn, and they can be placed much closer to the turn than at cycling events, w/in ~50ft.

Read Our Instructions Here!

What if our route is partially or fully unpaved?

That’s not a problem and we have you covered!

First, our Blank Signs are great for routes with sections of dirt trail, gravel, grassy fields, sandy beaches, and even snow! You can put your RouteArrows on these our Blank Signs which make the bright RouteArrow colors really “POP!”

Second, we also have RouteFlectiv Signs for events where participants have headlights / at night! These reusable signs are one foot square, and have one (daytime hi-viz & night-time reflective) RouteArrow on one side. They’re are available in 5 packs and can be zip-tied, or otherwise attached to your own stakes, or existing roadside hardware (with permission, of course!)

Third, we have small and mighty Trail Signs! Great for day or nighttime trail events. Our compact, heavy duty, 8x8 signs are available in both black and white (for max contrast) with either Reflective or hi-viz arrow color options.

Can RouteArrows be used indoors?

Yes, depending on the intended interior surface!

RouteArrows are made with a fairly strong adhesive, designed to stick to course pavement.

We don't recommend using
RouteArrows on smooth flooring like tile, hardwood, cork, linoleum or polished stone, etc. Removal may be very difficult, resulting in damage to those surfaces.

RouteArrows can be used on some textured flooring surfaces such as: rough surface tiles and textured concrete.

PRO TIP: Always test a concealed spot to be sure you won’t do any damage during removal.

Are RouteArrows environmentally friendly?


RouteArrows are made with three ingredients: a mid weight paper, water-based ink and non-toxic adhesive.

(However, we don’t necessarily recommend eating them, they’re actually rather bland and flavorless!)

These eco-friendly ingredients do come at an additional cost, but we think it’s well worth it.

Do you sell Reflective or glow-in-the-dark arrows?


We do not sell individual reflective RouteArrow stickers but we do have reflective signage products: RouteFlectiv Signs and Trail Signs!

RouteFlectiv Signs always have a reflective arrow, and Trail Signs have reflective arrow options as well as hi-viz color choices.

They're great for both daytime and low-light night time route marking.

We don't have glow in the dark RouteArrows ... yet!

How many RouteArrows/RouteLines are on each roll?

We have two options:

Rolls of 250 RouteArrows, great for longer routes, cycling events, etc.

Rolls of 50 RouteArrows, for shorter events, 5K runs, etc!

What if I want BIGGER arrows?

Our 12 inch RouteArrows are intentionally sized to be easily seen by cyclists and runners, but not seen or noticed by motorists.

If you really want larger arrows, you can place 2 RouteArrows together "nose to tail", or see our blog post here for additional info!

How are RouteArrows and RouteLines applied?

RouteArrows are very quick and easy to apply! Just peel them off their backing, tip first, sweep the dust/grit away and place your RouteArrows down, one at a time, (spaced 2-3 inches apart when using multiple colors) and press them down repeatedly, or rolling over them with a roller, to assure a good bond with the pavement surface.

RouteLines are peeled and applied a bit differently: Cut the material into your desired length(s) with scissors or a tear. The cut line down the center of the backing makes it easy to separate the Orange tape from the backing. Place RouteLines sections as you would the RouteArrows, just be sure to clean the location well and press them down firmly with ample foot stomps or a roller to assure a good bond with the paved road surface. See removal instructions for the complete How-To!

Read Our Instructions Here!

*For a great way to efficiently dispense RouteArrows see our product called: RouteCans!

Can I use RouteArrows on Paved Trails and Bike Paths?

Yes! In view of this, the only complaints we receive at RouteArrows are from local users about arrows left behind on “my neighborhood path”.

Each roll has two labels that say “Please remove RouteArrows from trails, paths and pedestrian areas after your event. Thank You!”.

Please do not place arrows on any private property without permission or permits (driveways, business parking lots, existing signage, etc.)

We suggest putting RouteArrows on the street at the path entrance/exit, rather than on the path itself. If your event does need to put RouteArrows on a path, at any intersections or forks, you will need fewer arrows as it is a more visually compact area, but please use them as sparingly as possible and always remove all of them right after your event.

Please see FAQ titled “Can RouteArrows be easily removed” below for more info!

OR Read Our Instructions Here!

Can RouteArrows be easily removed?


RouteArrows are a unique eco-friendly product, designed to be worn away by daily traffic, but also easily removed if needed.

Letting them biodegrade greatly reduces the time, effort, risk and fuel expense incurred with route marking an event.

But if they need to be removed (from trails or paths, etc) there are two options.

1) The ”Tab to Grab” method: Place them out of traffic so they won’t be as abraded and worn. When placing each arrow, fold the tip under just a bit (~1/4″) to create a small ”Tab to Grab”. To remove them, use your finger or a metal tool / “picker” to lift that tip, or front edge and then pull them up. This option works best with “fresh”, unworn arrows.

2) The Water method: Use this method if they are already well pressed down, well worn by traffic, or many days old. Wet the arrow; use a wire “block brush” attached to a threaded broom handle and brush them into mush that will quickly biodegrade.

Read Our Removal Instructions Here!

How long do they last after being applied to the road?

RouteArrowsand RouteLines are just paper, designed to disintegrate from traffic wear, when properly located.

The variables of traffic volume, weather, and their location on the street greatly affects their life span.

If they stay dry and see light traffic, it can take weeks until they fully disintegrate. But, if they are exposed to heavy traffic they will be worn away in just days.

If they get wet, (moderate rain) their lifespan can be less than a day with moderate traffic. The colors will naturally fade to white from daily sun exposure.

(If you might have rain, see FAQ “What if it rains on or before the event?”)

What is the shelf-life of RouteArrows?

The adhesive manufacturer’s recommended shelf life is 6 months.

The new rolls of RouteArrows we ship are well within that time window, we have productions runs at least 2-3 times per year. Most events use their RouteArrows within that window and without issue. If you order RouteArrows more than ~4 months in advance, store them in a sealed container (like a 1 gallon Zip-Loc bag), so they will be as fresh as possible!

PRO TIP: After your event, we suggest you store any partial rolls of RouteArrows in a sealed container, or zip lock bag to extend their usability until your next event. Prolonged exposure to dry air can diminish adhesive strength.

Read Our Storage Instructions HERE!

How can I calculate how many RouteArrows are on a partially used roll?

Using a Gram Scale:

Full roll of RouteArrows= 845 grams

Cardboard Core = 45 grams

250 RouteArrows= 800 grams

Each RouteArrow= 3.2 grams


Your partial roll of RouteArrows weight in grams MINUS 45 grams = Weight of your leftover RouteArrows without Core

X − 45 grams = Y

Y ÷ 3.2 grams = Z (# of leftoverRouteArrows)

Using an Ounces Scale:

Full roll of RouteArrows= 30 oz

Cardboard Core = 1.6 oz

EachRouteArrow= .12 oz

250RouteArrows= 28.4 oz


Your partial roll of RouteArrows weight in ounces MINUS 1.6 oz = Weight of your leftover RouteArrows without Core

X − 1.6 oz = Y

Y ÷ .12 oz = Z (# of leftover RouteArrows)

Read Our Instructions Here!

How far in advance should / can RouteArrows be placed?

We recommend route marking with RouteArrows as close to the event as possible; within 24 hours is best. The older RouteArrows are, the less visible they become.

Placing your RouteArrows 3+ days in advance will greatly reduce their visibility and usability by exposure to increased traffic and weather.

Remember, your marking crew will require much less time to put down RouteArrows, compared to using other outdated and messy methods such as spray paint, chalk paint or duct tape.

Read Our Instructions Here!

What if it rains on or before the event?

RouteArrows must be placed on dry roads and surfaces.

Luckily, after being placed on dry roads, RouteArrows will survive a mild to moderate rain assuming very light traffic. If your event historically experiences lots of rain, RouteArrows might not be the best route marking method for you.

RouteArrows will not survive moderate to heavy rain when placed out in traffic as they are just paper. But, if rain is forecast just before or on your event, place RouteArrows (on dry roads) out of the traffic pattern to increase their lifespan.

For events in potentially or consistently damp environments we suggest using our Blank Signs with your RouteArrows on them, or RouteFlectiv or Trail Signs (totally waterproof)!

Will they stick to wet roads?

RouteArrows will not stick to wet or very damp roads. (Nothing does!)

That's why we offer multiple RouteSign options!

Will RouteArrows stick to dirt, or gravel roads, sand or grass?

In a word, no.

With those or similar conditions, consider using one of our RouteSign Options: RouteFlectiv, Blank or Trail Signs!

Check them out in our shop menu!

How long does delivery take?

We recommend ordering at least 3-4 weeks ahead of your event to reduce stress.
However, we strive to ship orders within one business day.

Rolls of 250 RouteArrows ship from MA via UPS standard ground, or Expedited shipping is also available (via UPS 2nd day or overnight). Rolls of 50, and all other products ship from CA.

For standard ground, please allow at least 5 – 7 business days for delivery. Early am orders process and usually ship the same day, others ship the next business day.

Shipping cost and delivery time will vary with order size and your location. Please see Shipping Information for more details. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me: Randall Braun (650) 429-8859 (8am to 6pm Pacific Time) or email:

How many/What colors are available?

RouteArrows come in a full rainbow of 10 High Visibility Colors!

Red, Orange, Yellow, Lager, Lime, Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple and Pink!

Can you write on RouteArrows?

Yes! You can easily write on RouteArrows with permanent pen / felt tip marker. A wide (1/2 inch) tip Sharpie works well. The bigger the letters, the easier to see. We recommend writing on the RouteArrow BEFORE you peel it off and put in down.

Can I order custom printing or custom colors?

We do not have custom colors or do custom printing for RouteArrows.

If you believe having a logo or label on the RouteArrows has high value, please consider getting a rubber stamp. However, we believe that due to the speed at which participants pass by the arrows, custom printing is of very low value, and may hinder visibility.

How much do RouteArrows cost?

RouteArrows come in rolls of 250, at $87 per roll (+S&H), or rolls of 50 arrows at $33 per roll (+S&H).

Quick Calculation: About ~50 cents per arrow to keep your participants safe and happily on route.

Who invented these RouteArrows and all the other great products?!

I (Randall Braun) first envisioned RouteArrows back in the late 80′s as I saw so many century events struggle with their route marking and also during my experiences while route marking the Davis Bike Club’s Foxy Fall and Double Century events. After months of prototyping, I finally brought RouteArrows to market in early 2007, RouteLines in early 2014, and the other products have steadily followed suit! See “Our Story” in the About menu for the complete story!

Do you offer discounts to non-profit organizations or fundraisers?

Yes, absolutely! From day one, RouteArrows has been proud to offer a 15% off discount to Non-Profit organizations and all fundraising events! We have a simple in-house form with a line for your 501 (c)(3) (or similar) tax ID number.
To receive your personalized non-profit discount code: Fill out the form HERE!
Once we approve your request, we will send you your code via email ASAP.

How do I order products from RouteArrows?!

Ordering is easy! Use our online store. For further questions contact me: Randall Braun (650) 429-8859 (8am to 6pm Pacific Time) or email:

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

You can easily store the rolls in sealed containers (like 1 gallon Zip-Loc baggies) and they’ll be just fine for future events, or you could offer them to other organizations in your area!

Will I be charged sales taxes?

Only orders billed from California addresses will be charged sales tax. Even though the tax amount is shown during checkout, all other (non-California) orders will NOT be charged sales tax. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we do! This website: “” sells and ships to US addresses as well as the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, parts of Asia and the Middle East.

As you probably know shipping costs to these other countries will vary and can be very expensive, depending on your location.
So before you order from outside of the US, please Contact Us to get an accurate quote!

We also have a UK/EU Distributor for European countries!

To Visit and Shop that site go here:

Please note: You will be responsible for the payment of duties, fees, taxes, tariffs, etc. to the authorities in your country upon receipt of this product. These fees are solely your responsibility.

Are RouteArrows products made in the USA?

Yes. We believe it’s important – we choose quality over price.

Our first product, RouteArrows (& RouteLines) are made at a 95+ year old company in Western MA, the first and only RouteArrows manufacturer!

RouteCans are individually hand-made by us at our world headquarters in Mountain View, CA just down the street from another small local company called…Google.

The “Can” portion is a product made by “the world’s largest plastics recycler” a 40+ year old company based in Troy, AL. The other wood and metal parts and fasteners are all USA sourced, as are all the reflective materials.

RouteSigns (BlankSigns and RouteFlectiv Signs) are also handmade at our world headquarters in Mountain View, CA.
They are a fluted polypropylene plastic material (aka Coroplast®), from a 38 year old family-owned CA based plastics distributor and fabrication company.

We source our RouteBands from a US based company, they are 1inch wide Tyvek® event wristbands that are made in the USA!

We greatly appreciate all our USA manufacturers hard work, as well as our sources for their use of recycled materials!