Collection: RouteArrows: Rolls of Peel-n-Stick Directional Arrows, 10 Hi-Viz Colors!

We invented RouteArrows, now used by thousands of cycling and running events across the USA and around the world.

  • Easy & Fast

    Quickly peel and stick each RouteArrow to the pavement before, at and after every turn. Easy to remove if needed.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our biodegradable paper RouteArrows are worn away by traffic after your event. They're made with non-toxic materials.

  • Economical

    Save time and money. Skip the headache of collecting and storing signage. Rolls of 250 = Less than $.45 / RouteArrow!

Easy to Route Mark & Remove!

Simply peel the RouteArrows from the backing and stick them on the pavement or your signs to guide your event participants to the finish line.

Use the "Tab to Grab" Method to make removal easier!

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Different Colors for Different Routes:

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If you have any questions about best practices or want some route marking tips and tricks please don’t hesitate to contact us!

My dad and I are here to provide valuable advice to help you make the best choices for your unique event.

RouteArrows are here to make your event a success!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many RouteArrows do I need for my event?

For Cycling Events:
Our time-tested route marking method uses 5 RouteArrows per turn. With 250 arrows per roll, that allows for up to 50 marked points per roll. Therefore, if you have more than 45 turns per route, you should consider a 2nd roll of that same color to be safe.

In addition to turns, RouteArrows are also very helpful and often needed in and out of start / finish areas, rest stops, on signage or on an info sign at check-in etc. Having extra arrows in SAG or support vehicles is a good idea too!

For Running and Walking Events:
Two choices! Marking just the turns (like cycling events) with 4-5 Arrows or use "the bread crumb method", where you also place arrows (1-3) at given intervals ie. every 10th of a mile, 1/4k etc. to keep participants on route and motivated!

Based on your chosen interval, you can calculate the number of arrows needed based on your route length(s).

Read Our Instructions Here!

Which color combinations DO NOT work well together?

The thing to keep in mind when choosing your color combinations: Contrast is Key.

Think about the color of the surface you're adhering your RouteArrows to as well!

Color combinations we DO NOT recommend using together, at the same event:
- Red-Orange and Orange 
- Lime and Yellow and Lager
- Blue and Aqua

Not great but acceptable color combinations:
- Green and Lime
- Purple and Pink

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend using Blue and Aqua on the same event / day.
Many humans see color differently and may not be able to tell those colors apart.

How far in advance should / can RouteArrows be placed?

PRO TIP: For optimum results, place RouteArrows as close to the event as possible; within 24 hours is best. The older RouteArrows are, the less visible they become.

Placing your RouteArrows 3+ days in advance will greatly reduce their visibility and usability by exposure to increased traffic and weather.

Remember, your marking crew will require much less time to put down RouteArrows, compared to using other outdated and messy methods such as spray paint, chalk paint or duct tape.

Read Our Instructions Here!

What if it rains on or before the event?

After being placed on dry roads, RouteArrows will survive a mild to moderate rain assuming very light traffic. If your event historically experiences lots of rain, RouteArrows might not be the best route marking method for you.

RouteArrows will not survive moderate to heavy rain when placed out in traffic as they are just paper. But, if rain is forecast just before or on your event, place RouteArrows (on dry roads) out of the traffic pattern to increase their lifespan.

For events in potentially or consistently damp environments we suggest using our Blank Signs with your RouteArrows on them, or RouteFlectiv or Trail Signs (totally waterproof)!