Testimonials & Reviews

“Arrows have arrived. They shall be packed in my suitcase as I head to India for a 3 week bike trip. Our trip coordinator has used these arrows in running and cycling events and was in need of more. Thanks for your useful product.”

Kate G.

Oregon, USA

RouteArrows worked perfectly and made it much easier for the kids to navigate through the course, not to mention how easy it was to set up and remove if needed.”

Nigel H.

Oregon, USA

“I have received a lot of compliments specifically about the route marking on the Sequoia. People found it very easy to follow the route. Thanks again.”


California, USA

“I have had to order yet another 10 rolls of your fine product.”

Lake A.

New York, USA

“Thank you for the fast service on my order.”

John S.

California, USA

“…heard of your company from a police officer who works closely with Special Olympics out west on a cycling event.”

Sarah B.

Connecticut, USA

“Great product, inexpensive, visible and easy to manage! Thank you.”

Tim A

Texas, USA

“I love RouteArrows, I will be using these markers in two rides the Fletcherflyer and the Cycletofarm.”

Jennifer B.

North Carolina USA

“Using these for the River City Marathon in Folsom, CA.”

Jimmy G.

Nevada, USA

“We have used [RouteArrows] for the past two years!”

Molly B.

Virginia, USA

“Thrilled we could get your product and the discount helps!! Thank you very much!” (Saint Francis Tulsa Tough)

Shawn B.

Oklahoma, USA

“I understand the importance of clear markings and that is why I think your [RouteArrows] product would be awesome for PedalFest!”

Jill T.

Kansas USA

“Thanks for the prompt service.” (Cycling for Safe Families)

Robb R.

Wisconsin, USA

“Wish I thought of this idea. :)” (Liquid Gold 5k)

Katrina O.

Nevada, USA

“Great idea, less messy than paint and more environmentally conscious.” (Don’s Bike Center)

Don H.

Oregon, USA

“We normally used stakes and markers but sometimes [they] get moved or changed by pranksters. Your [RouteArrows] look perfect.” (American Diabetes Association, MS-150)

Kirby T.

Texas, USA

“We just did an indoor, 3 building stair climb event. Sticks to tile and carpet.” (USAT Certified RD.)

Steve B.

Oklahoma, USA

“For the first time we did a good job and everyone could definitely see the [RouteArrows]. I would recommend them for any ride.”

Robyn S.

Florida, USA

“I think what we like are the bright colors, especially for our youth events.” (USAT)

Blake Z.

Colorado, USA

“The county is requesting (with a new ordinance) that all our groups stop using paint.”

Ginger T.

Florida, USA

“They’re easy to use and we get tons of compliments on our route marking.” (Tour de Foothills)

Mike B.

California, USA

“Thank you very much for this generous discount and for your support of Wounded Warrior Project!”

Angela H.

Texas, USA

“[We] liked [RouteArrows’] professional look and thought they would “class up” our ride. They worked great and I plan to continue to use them.” (V.P. Druid City Bike Club)

Dave C.

Alabama, USA

“Uber easy for riders and route marking folks.”

Richard A.

North Carolina, USA

“How brilliant; it is great to have such an elegant solution.” (Elkhart County Down Syndrome Support Group)

Paula T.

Indiana, USA

“We’ve been using your arrows for the last 5 [years] now, thanks.” (Avid cyclist and route marker)

Don K.

Wyoming, USA

“I wanted to send a THANK YOU for having such a great product. They worked GREAT!!!” (President of Katie’s Crusaders)

Katie M.

Iowa, USA

“Truly a great and efficient product. Everyone was pretty impressed.” (ReachAbove)

Eric G.

Washington D.C, USA

“I received many positive comments on the Course Markings.” (Rim of the World Recreation and Park District)

Bob K.

California, USA

“I am going to paint the road, so to speak, with your arrows for the FrontRunner Century.”


Utah, USA

“[RouteArrows] are the only approved method of marking the roads here in our county because they are non-toxic, biodegradable and not permanent.” (Cycle Umpqua Vineyard Tour)

Marty F.

Oregon, USA

“Since we have 5 different routes, the variety of colors you offer are great.” (Cycle Umpqua Vineyard Tour)

Marty F.

Oregon, USA

“This is our 4th year with the ride and [RouteArrows]! The riders love them.” (E.D. Meals on Wheels)

Cindy H.

California, USA

“The riders all said that there was absolutely no need for the cue sheets provided. Regards!”

Joe J.

South Carolina, USA

“The city of Davis won’t let us [use] chalk but will allow your [RouteArrows]. We’re happy you have such a product!” (Head Coach)

Carolee G.

California, USA

“I put them out the day before it rained for 3 days straight, and they held up just fine. Two weeks later, they were gone. Thanks.”

Roger A.

Indiana, USA

“Almost all of the local events have started using [RouteArrows].” (Tour de Riverton)

Brad H.

Tennessee, USA

“Very easy for me to mark the route and very easy for the runners to see. Can’t wait until next year!!”


Wisconsin, USA