Attract Participants With RouteArrows Logos!

Attract NEW participants, and give them a head start, by using our FREE RouteArrows LOGOS on your website!

We know you’re already sold on RouteArrows, and you know your participants love them too!

We believe you could easily attract new participants by placing the widely recognizable RouteArrows logos on your website.

RouteArrows help participants feel safe and cared for because they don't need to worry about navigation, and they can enjoy their time with friends out on the route!

The RouteArrows logos clearly announce that your routes are well-marked, your event is high-quality and well-organized, and that it will be fun and enjoyable!

Knowing the RouteArrows colors an event will be using reduces day-of confusion by giving participants a head start on the colors they will be following!

Participants frequently say:

“My favorite events all have yummy food, beautiful roads, friendly volunteers and well-marked routes!”

By putting the color coordinated RouteArrows logos on your maps, you will reinforce the color connections to your routes.

Our RouteBands also help with this. (If your event uses black and white maps, label the RouteArrows logo with its color name.)

Having these logos on your website and fliers also shows that you care: about your participants, about your community and about the environment.

Biodegradable and easily removable RouteArrows can and do make the local community happy too!

(Visit our new “Removal Instructions” page in the About Menu right below "Logos!".)

RouteArrows Logos are now available in all 9 attention-grabbing colors, plus black & white, and our signature 9 color star (see below).

Our logos are free, easy to download, and ready to use on your website, fliers and maps!

All the best,

Randall and Roslyn

(650) 429 8859

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