Bike to "Wherever" Day!

RouteArrows Owner Randall Here!

Today would have been “bike to work day” but now that we’re in this “new reality” we have to do things a little differently. Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition suggested that we all “bike to wherever” instead!

I always work from home so “biking to work” just means going out for a ride and returning!

So I decided to bike up what I call “Alpe d’ Wastez”, one of the summits in the old landfill-turned-park here in Mountain View. This spire towers over the Shoreline Park and Amphitheatre at a lofty 2,895 cm (about 95 ft!) The circuitous climb, on hard-packed gravel, is a grueling 1368 m (about .85 mile!)

The views are stellar due to the reduced traffic pollution and the recent wind and rain helped a bit too!

I have to admit I’m really enjoying the clean air part of this “new normal.”

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What a sweet jersey eh?
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