Change really can be good!

I just picked up an interesting new read "The Wright Brothers", by David McCullough. They are best known for the world's first "heavier-than-air powered aircraft". But did you know that they began with "The Wright Cycle Company" in the spring of 1893, during the early wave of the "safety bicycle" boom? In fact, the American Journal of Obstetrics hailed the bicycle as "one of the greatest inventions of the 19th Century". That's still true 122 years later, but there are always those who resist change. Back then, some bicycle critics said that it was "morally hazardous" and it allowed children to easily roam far from home and that it gave people of all ages the freedom to go out and explore the countryside, which "often led to seductions". RouteArrows don't usually lead to seductions, but they are an improvement to the old traditional methods of marking a route with spray paint. Some might resist the use of RouteArrows simply because they are new or they may not fully understand all their many benefits. My simple goal with RouteArrows is to make cycling and other events safer and easier for their participants and organizers alike. I hope you appreciate this improved method of event route marking and you'll let other events know there is a better way, with RouteArrows!

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