Flattered by Paint!

A very good friend signed up for and rode a multi-day cycling event in another western state recently. Afterwards, he sent over this un-doctored photographic evidence of “counterfeit” RouteArrows! Names are being withheld to protect the innocent. The FBI, the FTC and Homeland Security have been notified and “they’re on it”. As tragic as this wrongdoing might be, there is an upside! The RouteArrows shape is very well branded and highly appreciated by discerning cyclists. On the downside, those painted ersatz markings were less noticeable and “easy to miss” according to the very good friend. Both for the less vibrant colors used (white?!) and their placement off to the right, to allow the paint to dry. And don’t forget the messy application process or the long lasting graffiti left behind. This might be at least part of the reason this un-named event has experienced dwindling ridership since choosing to abandon their use of RouteArrows. My good friend did otherwise enjoy the multi-day event with pleasant route options each day, great food and friendly support. Keep checking this space, the results of the investigations will be posted when they’re completed. As they say, imitation is the purest form of flattery!
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