Keeping Schools Safe

RouteArrows Family,

First, we would like to extend a large dose of gratitude to all of you who placed orders to help support us, even if your 2020 events were cancelled. We can’t thank you enough.

Second, we know many schools are in the challenging process of deciding whether to open, and if so, how to open safely.
Some schools have ordered RouteArrows to help with social distancing and guiding as they re-open.

As always, we want to help you and your communities give clear directions.
So to help support schools, we’ve created a coupon code: SCHOOL20 which will give any school a 20% discount.

If you have any connections with your local schools, please share this information. Our goal is to inform as many of them as possible as they plan their opening protocol.

We greatly appreciate your help with getting the word out and we plan to continue to provide discounts to businesses and organizations that need them.

Please stay safe and we wish you all the best,

Randall and Roslyn
(650) 429 8859

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