New Product!

We are very excited to announce we have added a NEW product to the RouteArrows family!

Introducing... RouteCans!

RouteCans are an economical, eco-friendly, lightweight, sturdy, easy-to-use RouteArrows dispenser.

It is made from an unused (100% recycled Polypropylene) paint can - thus the name!

The RouteCan provides a fast and easy way to dispense and use RouteArrows at your event.

Our original RouteArrows dispenser (RouteCase) was great, but we made this new version even better!

RouteCan Improvement Details:

  • Less than half the price (SALE Price is 37% to be exact!)
  • Less than one third the weight (Only 1lb!)
  • Quicker and easier to load
  • Comfortable, easier to carry handle
  • Holds and dispenses one or two rolls easily
  • Handmade with eco-friendly 100% recycled & recyclable materials
  • Sturdy, well constructed design for many seasons of use
  • Reflective RouteArrow logo and hi-viz tape bring added safety
  • The RouteCan makes route marking with RouteArrows even safer and easier!

Introductory SALE price is $59!

Sale price is automatically applied to All Registered Account Customers!

→ Guest Customers, please use coupon code: routecan in the cart, or at checkout!

SALE price limited to two RouteCans per customer. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

To see the full product description and use instructions, visit the RouteCan product page!

Our goal at is to help event organizers do a great job.

The RouteCans were designed and skillfully handmade at our headquarters in Mountain View, California. Perfection is unattainable, but we think these are pretty close!

RouteArrows users agree that this new dispenser “can” and does make the challenging route marking task faster, more enjoyable, and safer as well!

Click over to the RouteCan product page and use the code routecan to receive your discount!

All the best,

Randall and Roslyn of RouteArrows

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