Nine Painted Nails

As some of you may know, I, Randall, only have nine finger nails!

I lost the end of my left thumb in a construction incident in 2009, and I have learned to live with what I now lovingly call, stumpy.

Roslyn and I were talking about the rainbow of celebrations coming up this June and she said something like, “hey, this may be just a coincidence, but we have 9 RouteArrows colors and you have 9 fingernails, let’s paint them to match!”

We went out, found matching paints, and these are the colorful results!

We at RouteArrows strongly support the LGBTQ+ community and we love seeing our rainbows of colorful arrows used for pride parades, fundraisers and events!

We look forward to seeing pictures of RouteArrows in action, helping to support all the important causes and organizations working towards equality.

As always, we’re honored to play a “Roll”.

Our rainbow is made of 9 brilliantly bright colors:










If you’d like to create rainbows with RouteArrows at your local event, please let us know and we’d love to help you make that happen!

Happy Pride Month!

Love to you all,
Randall and Roslyn at RouteArrows

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