Our Pandemic Press Release

My dad and I wrote this press release to help RouteArrows reach more businesses looking for ways to keep their employees and patrons safe.

If you would like to help, please consider telling your local businesses about us!

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For Immediate Release:

Father - Daughter Company Pivots to Help Facilitate Safety in the “New Reality”

Mountain View, CA, May 21th, 2020 -- RouteArrows are cycling and running route marking stickers that are now being used to both provide guidance and indicate safe social distancing during Coronavirus.

These hi-visibility, temporary, easy-to-use arrow stickers help people stay safe indoors and out.

In 2005, Randall and his daughter Roslyn began testing his handmade paper prototypes. After finding a manufacturer and launching a website, the new product, RouteArrows, gained traction in the outdoor events world. In 2016, they started working together again to grow the business and reach more event organizers. In the first two months of 2020 they were on pace to triple their quarterly sales. Then COVID-19 hit.

As many events were forced to cancel, sales plummeted. At Trader Joes, Randall saw their newly painted arrows outside and realized “RouteArrows would be a much better option!” So they started contacting stores and farmers markets, places where RouteArrows would help guide and keep people safe by clearly indicating both ample spacing and foot traffic direction. Orders came in, along with inquiries about “floor arrows'' for offices needing to distance and guide their employees indoors.

Roslyn Braun, partner at RouteArrows.com:

“My dad invented RouteArrows to help cycling events do a great job. As an avid cyclist, he saw the shortfalls of poor route marking. Well marked routes are more fun, safer to navigate and make the event’s scenery and camaraderie more enjoyable because you’re not worried about getting lost.”

“We never anticipated that RouteArrows would become a useful method for implementing “social distancing protocols” but this is our new reality. Our goal was and still is to help people stay safe. We want businesses to be able to show they’re looking out for everyone and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to help during this tumultuous time.”

RouteArrows.com is based in Mountain View, CA and their products are sold online. RouteArrows stickers have become the “best method” for marking cycling and running routes on events in every state and many countries. RouteArrows are 3”x12” and come on rolls of 250 stickers, in 9 bright, highly visible colors. Being made out of paper, water-based ink and a strong adhesive makes them easy to apply, then they’re worn away by traffic. RouteArrows.com now has additional products that help organizers with their events.


Randall Braun, randall@routearrows.com, 650-429-8859

Roslyn Braun, roslyn@routearrows.com, 650-429-8859


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