RouteArrows Needs Your Help

Hello RouteArrows Family,

Cutting to the chase, we need your help if RouteArrows is going to survive.

Earlier this year, RouteArrows sales were on pace to be a record-setting year, then the pandemic pulled the rug out from under everyone.

Events of every kind have been impacted, either being postponed or just cancelled. We are deeply saddened that many events will not return.

Roslyn and I have been able to create a small stream of new customers (farmers markets, construction and offices, etc.) needing social distancing protocol arrow stickers, but sadly, it has not been enough.

We ask that if you or your event can afford the expense, please purchase your RouteArrows now for your future events. If your event is scheduled for 2021, the rolls can easily be stored in a baggie and they’ll be fine.

If you are unable to purchase at this time, we completely understand. If you know or know of anyone who owns, works for, or has a connection to any business or institution that could benefit from RouteArrows in this new reality (workplaces, outdoor markets, stores, schools, outdoor venues, etc.) please consider emailing our website to them.

With immense gratitude we thank each of you for your support of our family business.

As always, we wish you all the absolute best, please stay safe,

Randall and Roslyn
(650) 429 8859

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