RouteHero #10!

Our 10th RouteHero is… drrrrumroll please…

Amy’s Army of Cancer Warriors!

This dedicated grassroots fundraising team “has a passionate commitment to advancing life-saving, groundbreaking cancer research at VCU Massey Cancer Center”.

They raise tens of thousands of dollars each year to promote both prevention and research as well as build a strong and supportive community in Richmond, VA.

Amy and her “Army” of friends started a program called “LIFT” or Life in Fitness, to create a community of survivors coming together for fitness, fun, and comradery.

We are inspired by this non-profit organization for its multi-faceted goal of empowering survivors (and others!) to get healthy, stay active and also help support other survivors going through their own similar life journeys.

They host many events every year, and their annual fundraiser cycling event called “Climb to Conquer Cancer” is coming up on Sunday September 22nd!

Their many events can be found here:

Like and Follow them on Facebook @AmysArmyofCancerWarriors


Follow them on Twitter @AmysArmyRVA

*Motivated by the amazing number and diversity of philanthropic organizations that use RouteArrows, our goal here is to share with you some of these unique organizations and their endeavors that are bettering people's lives, their communities & our world.

We’re humbled and honored to be playing a “Roll”!

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