RouteHero #3

This week’s RouteHero* is:

DeSoto Cares Homeless Services - Ride for Tiny Town!

*Motivated by the amazing number and diversity of philanthropic organizations that use RouteArrows, our goal here is to share with you some of these unique organizations and their endeavors that are bettering people's lives, their communities & our world.We’re humbled and honored to be playing a “Roll”!

We’ve had a very unique collaborative event come onto our radar this week!

This organization is running their first one day biking event fundraiser, with the simple goal of creating a “Fun and Unique Experience!”

Being Californians, we never would have guessed “recreational cycling, professional rodeo and building a community of tiny homes to help the homeless” would all come together in South-Central Florida, but they have! Hey, this sounds like it’s going to be a really Fun and Unique Experience!!

The purpose of the volunteer DeSoto Cares organization is to address the basic needs of local homeless individuals and families. The fundraising goal of this event is to build a community of Tiny Homes that will provide “a low rent housing solution and a beacon of hope” for those that are currently homeless in their community. The ultimate goal is to end homelessness in their rural community!

They have a nice list of local sponsors that include the Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo Association and the Mosaic Arena, the start/finish location and the site of the 2019 State Rodeo Championship in mid-March!

They are on their way to raising the $30,000 goal for their Tiny Home endeavour!

This inaugural event on Feb 9th offers three routes: 15, 30, and 60 miles to appeal to both newby and veteran riders and they’ll have a live band to motivate all the riders as they cross the finish line! After the ride, you’ll enjoy a delicious Old Fashion BBQ lunch, with beer and ice cream, (but not in the same cup!) and post-ride celebrations and entertainment!

Yes, it does sound like a lot of fun with a genuine humanitarian purpose!

Read & Learn more at:

And check out their event page:

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