RouteHero #4

This week’s RouteHero* is Calaveras County Arts Council - Ride & Walk 4 Art!

*Motivated by the amazing number and diversity of philanthropic organizations that use RouteArrows, our goal here is to share with you some of these unique organizations and their endeavors that are bettering people's lives, their communities & our world.

We’re humbled and honored to be playing a “Roll”!

The 4th annual Ride & Walk 4 Art is a spring fundraiser for CCAC’s Arts in Education program. The 2019 event is on March 17th, with a biking portion that offers two routes: 25 miles and 45 miles. The 4.5 mile walk portion is on the scenic Hogan Dam Trail.

The event is located in California’s famous “Gold Country” in the beautiful Sierra foothills, Southeast of Sacramento and just Northwest of Yosemite National Park.

New for 2019: Two timed climbing challenges where the rider is timed and tracked by satellite!

The climbs are each under ¾ of a mile, one at the Pardee Dam and one at the Hogan Dam.

Riders and walkers will be rewarded with “chicken-in-a-barrel” lunch, festive music and art displays!

The goal of the Calaveras County Arts Council is “to support, nourish and awaken the arts in our community.” Arts in Education is an extensive and well rounded program that offers a wide variety of support for the students. This includes: in-classroom learning experiences, student art shows, scholarships and helping teachers and administrators bring “dance, music, visual art and dramatic arts” into the Calaveras schools!

The organizer of this annual event has two compelling motivations; to provide funds to expand and enrich children's access to the arts in school and to help people enjoy the natural beauty of their area, whether on foot or by bike!

“The kids are creative; they are hungry for art. Simply by having fun (cycling and walking), you can help us help the children of Calaveras County.”

We fully agree that helping the schools and the kids all while promoting health and enjoyment of their beautiful area is a wonderful goal!

So thank you to the CCAC, the Arts in Education program and the Ride and Walk 4 Arts, for doing what you do!

For more information and to register see:

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