RouteHero #6

This week’s RouteHero* is: Colon Cancer Coalition!

I’d bet some of you had the same first reaction we had, “ we have to talk about that?”

Well, yes, it’s very important and yes we should!

The Colon Cancer Coalition was founded in 2004 by Kristin Lindquist after losing her sister to the disease. Kristin built an organization that has grown from the first fundraiser event - Get Your Rear In Gear - into a vibrant national coalition. They now host events in 40+ cities with more than 20,000 total participants that collectively raise over a million dollars annually. The Coalition’s aim is to end colorectal cancer deaths by raising awareness, increasing screening, and providing funds so local communities can give support to patients and caregivers.

We are inspired by their determination to “overcome the fear and decrease deaths from this largely preventable cancer.”

While learning about this group and their important goals, we were shocked to find out that Colon Cancer is the second most common form of Cancer (after Lung cancer) but also one of the most preventable when caught early. “Although the survival rate for colon cancer is 90% when it’s caught early, only 40% of cases are being diagnosed during this window.”

The Colon Cancer Coalition has multiple fund and awareness raising annual events, but their signature events are the Get Your Rear in Gear run/walks and the Tour de Tush bike rides, and the funds raised there are granted back to those communities!

Thank you Colon Cancer Coalition for all your hard work to save thousands of lives every year, and for spreading awareness that February is cancer prevention month!

So please get yourself screened, check out an event near you (or host one!), donate to help save lives, and yes, talk about it with your family and friends!

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*Motivated by the amazing number and diversity of philanthropic organizations that use RouteArrows, our goal here is to share with you some of these unique organizations and their endeavors that are bettering people's lives, their communities & our world.

We’re humbled and honored to be playing a “Roll”!

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