Hello RouteArrows Family, We hope this message finds you as healthy and happy as possible. You all use RouteArrows for your events that bring people together. We are very proud that RouteArrows help communities connect for fun and philanthropy, camaraderie and recreation. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, bringing people together is something we'll all have to curtail for a while. With many events both large and small being postponed or cancelled we want to wish you, your families and your organizations resilience and health during these precarious times. To everyone working within the fields of health, public safety, emergency, humanitarian aid,...

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COVID, Discounts -

Hello RouteArrows Family! We hope your 2020 seasons are looking bright! We just wanted to tell you about our New Bulk Order Program! To help lower your costs, we are now offering bigger discounts on bulk orders.This program is for any organization with multiple events, or a national organization buying for multiple chapters. If you think your organization could use 40 or more rolls of RouteArrows per season (individually or multiple chapters combined), please call or email if you would like more information! We are looking forward to discussing discounts with you! All the best,Randall and Roslyn(650)

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