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We thought our RouteSigns needed a Refresh, so we trimmed a few and kept the favorites! Then we added a Beer & Wine category and new Running and Gravel event signs! 35 fun and unique NEW choices! To celebrate our RouteSigns ReFresh we’re offering you Bonus Signs! 12 signs for the price of 10! 24 for the price of 20! Or 36 for the price of 30! Your Bonus Sign discount will berefunded AFTER purchase. Bonus is in addition to the usual $1/sign discount @ 20+ and $2/sign @ 30+! (Minimum order 10 signs, Bonus expires 8/18/19) Check out our...

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Route Marking -

My name is Randall, welcome to the RouteArrows BLOG! Before we get into a weekly discussion on route marking with RouteArrows or any of the many "event organizer" topics I plan to cover, let me first ask this question: Why should a cycling, (or walking or running) event mark their routes in the first place? Why not rely on a good ol' map, or route marshals? And with todays technology, a smart phone or a GPS? Are the perceived benefits of route marking (by both cyclist and organizers) worth the price in terms of money, time, energy, risk and headaches?...

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