Time of the Signs

Welcome to the “Time of the Signs”!

As event organizers and participants we frequently find ourselves out on the road, whether it’s scouting a new century route or going to an out of state bike tour or a marathon.

We could be out on a lonely rural backroad, or coursing a busy urban thoroughfare, or in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Every once in a while we come across a sign that really grabs our attention (which is what signs are designed to do), for being oddly unique or strange. They stand out from all the usual din; they catch our eye, make us chuckle, scratch our heads or warm our hearts.

They might stand out for their interesting locational context, or maybe after being “edited” by a creative unofficial road worker.

(For the record, we do not condone such vandalism! But if it’s been altered, oh well, there’s no harm in sharing, right?)

(Also: we are not looking for signs that are photoshopped, handmade, political, spray painted, graffiti “art”, or anything obscene/vulgar.)

We’ve collected a few examples over the last few years and we’d like to share some of them with you and kick off what we’re calling “Time of the Signs!”

We’re sharing these signs because we believe everyone could use a little dose of levity these days!

But more importantly, we’d like to invite you, our hard working and well traveled kin, to share any similar examples from your area, or while you were out coursing those ribbons of asphalt.

Send in your fun/unique/weird/interesting sign submissions to signs@routearrows.com

We will post our favorites from those submitted, and remember to “Share the Love”!

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Found on Hwy 84, Near San Gregorio, CA
Found in Eastern Oregon
Found off Hwy 25 Near Hollister, CA
Found in San Francisco Bay Area, CA
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