What we've learned

RouteArrows were originally designed to guide cyclists on events so they will navigate the correct turns on their chosen route, as many events have 3 or more route options. They are also designed to be highly visible and very distinct, to grab the rider’s attention even at fast speeds.

What we’ve learned over the last 13 years is that no matter the event, participants feel safe and comforted when their directions are clear and concise. This same value is very applicable here. When people feel stress, whether athletic or emotional, giving clear and obvious directions brings comfort and security.

The brightly colored RouteArrows clearly say: “Line up here, stand this far apart, and move this direction”. If you need to separate one group from another, use two different bold colors like Green and Pink, or Red and Yellow and have them in separate outdoor locations before they enter the store.

Using RouteArrows in front of and inside farmers markets, food pantries and stores provides obvious and easy to follow directions for their patrons. Clear guidance helps people to feel safe as they wait to come inside and at checkout, making a challenging situation a little less stressful for everyone.

We all look forward to seeing RouteArrows back out on cycling and running events and not as social distance stickers at our local essential businesses.

We know we can and will get there by helping each other stay safe.

1 Roll = 250 arrow stickers!

That’s Less Than 35 Cents per arrow sticker!

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