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FREE RouteCan PROMO Details:

It's easy! Just order 4 or more rolls (of 250) RouteArrows, and we'll contact you to confirm*!

*Don't add a RouteCan to your cart, unless you want two..

Promo lasts until our birthday - March 1st 2024! 🥳

What are RouteCans?

→ RouteCans are an economical, eco-friendly, lightweight, sturdy, easy-to-use RouteArrows roll dispenser.

→ They're made from a new unused paint can (Made from 100% Recycled Polypropylene, Made in the USA) - thus the name!

→ RouteCans provide a fast and easy way to dispense and use RouteArrows at your event.

→ The original RouteArrows dispenser (“RouteCase”) was great, but this new version is even better!

How to use: With either 1 roll or 2 rolls

    1) Remove the white “Please remove...” stickers (if rolls are new!)

    2) Put the first RouteArrows roll into the RouteCan, “right-side up” with “RouteArrows” text along the bottom.

    3) Feed about 4+ in. of the first RouteArrow roll out through the vertical feed slot.

    4) Place black "table" into the roll’s center to create the divider table.

    5) Put the second roll of RouteArrows into the RouteCan on top of the divider table.

    - As either roll is pulled/dispensed, the other roll will not be affected or moved.

    6) Feed about 4 in. of the second RouteArrow roll out through the slot.

    7) Set the RouteCan on the ground to dispense RouteArrows, or work in pairs.

    8) Start dispensing from either or both rolls of RouteArrows as needed.

    9) When tearing off the backing paper, leave enough to continue dispensing.

    10) Quickly & Easily Mark Your Route with RouteArrows in a RouteCan!


        RouteCan Product Details:

        - Lightweight - Less than 1 lb!

        - Comfortable wood handle

        - Sturdy, well built design, for many years of use!

        - Simple & quick to load your RouteArrows!

        - Holds and easily dispenses one or two rolls (included divider table separates the upper and lower rolls, so that one doesn’t rotate the other!)

        - Handmade with eco-friendly 100% recycled & recyclable materials

        - Reflective RouteArrow logo and hi-viz reflective tape for added safety & visibility

        - Makes route marking with RouteArrows fast and easy!