NEW! SEASONAL Signs (12"x12") - 5 Packs

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Production Description:

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Just wanted to let you know that when you order 3 or more 5-Packs, we will refund your standard shipping!


About Seasonal Signs:

Our NEW Turkey Trot, Valentines Day and St Patty's Day Signs are a fun and easy addition to any holiday themed event route!

They clearly show the way and add a playful helping of happy holiday humor!

These Seasonal Signs are Fun and Unique:

→ Bright Vinyl RouteArrows + Holiday Themed additions on White Signage.

→ Versatile: Arrow can be Pointed Left, Right or Straight Ahead.

→ Use to the Mark Turns or at Regular intervals or Both!

→ Compact, Fast and Easy to Put Up, Transport and Store.

→ Reusable, Economical, Lightweight, and Sturdy in Any Weather!

    ***Bonus! Your RouteArrows stickers can be placed on the blank (back) side if needed for your other events!

    How to use:

    • Pick the direction you want the reflective arrow to point (Left, Right or Straight Ahead)
    • As with normal RouteArrows, pre-turn arrows should be placed at 45 degrees (Not 90 degrees! - Read Why Here) 
    • Attach the sign onto the hardware of choice:
      • Existing posts, poles, fences, trees, etc. (all with permission!)
      • Or to your own stakes (wood, metal, plastic etc)
      • They can also be attached to your traffic cones, barricades or delineators
    • Choose the best method(s) to attach your signs to the hardware on your event:
      • RouteCords or Reusable Zip-Ties
      • Screws (to wooden hardware)
      • Tape (duct, painters, etc)
      • Add duct tape to secure the zip-tie to the traffic cone if needed.
      • Nylon cord or Tie Wire (for bigger items like phone poles or trees)
    • DO NOT cover or obscure ANY existing signage!


    Parts and Features of Seasonal Signs:

    • 6mm White Coroplast® (Corrugated Polypropylene Plastic Sheet)
    • 12 inch “Squares” with 4 faceted corners
    • One 3x12 inch Vinyl RouteArrow + Holiday Themed Additions
    • Other side is blank - Can be used with RouteArrows for other event routes!
    • Hole pattern allows each sign to be used on any turn orientation, L. R or Straight!
    • Weight of each sign is only ~3.4 ounces (96 grams)


    • Shipping: For orders of 5 or more 5-packs (25 or more signs) call for exact shipping pricing.
    • Please check with your local jurisdictions about signage placement policies