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FREE SAMPLES - RouteFlectiv Signs & Trail Signs!

FREE SAMPLES - RouteFlectiv Signs & Trail Signs!

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Get Free Samples of Route Signs: Check out our Reusable and Reflective signage products!

RouteFlectiv Signs: 12x12inch Black Signs with Reflective Arrows


Trail Signs: 8x8inch Signs in Black or White, with Reflective and Non-Reflective Arrow Options. (Pink & Black Arrows only available in non-reflective)

See how lightweight, durable and versatile these Hi-Viz signs are! 

FREE Sample = 1 Sign

Double-Sided if asked for - MAX 4 Color Samples / on Two Signs.

Will include 1 8-inch Releasable Zip-Tie!


How to use:

Pick the direction you want the arrow to point (Left, Right or Straight Ahead)

As with normal RouteArrows, pre-turn arrows should be placed at 45 degrees (Not 90 Degrees)!

Attach the sign onto the hardware of choice:

Existing posts, poles, fences, trees, etc. (all with permission)

Or your own stakes (wood, metal, etc)

They can also be attached to your traffic cones or delineators

Choose the best method(s) to attach your signs to the hardware on your event:

RouteCords or Reusable Zip-Ties

Tape (duct, painters, etc)

Screws (to wooden hardware)

Add duct tape to secure the zip-tie to the traffic cone if needed.

Nylon cord or Tie Wire (for bigger items like phone poles or trees)

DO NOT cover or obscure ANY existing signage!


  • Trail Signs = Coroplast Signs with Reflective and Non-Reflective Industrial Grade Tape Arrows
  • RouteFlectiv Signs = Coroplast Signs with Industrial Grade Reflective Tape Arrows
  • Seasonal Signs = Coroplast Signs with Adhesive Vinyl Arrows / Designs
  • Blank Signs = Coroplast Signs

Shipping Time

RouteCans Ship from California, usually within 1 business day.

Coast to Coast Shipping takes 4-6 Business Days.


  • Trail Signs = 8 x 8 in Squares (with corners trimmed to eliminate sharp points)
  • RouteFlectiv Signs = 12 x 12 in Squares (with corners trimmed to eliminate sharp points)
  • Seasonal Signs = 12 x 12 in Squares (with corners trimmed to eliminate sharp points)
  • Blank Signs = 12 x 12 in Squares (with corners trimmed to eliminate sharp points)
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Popularly Paired Product

Each RouteCord is 57" long (Almost 5 feet!)

Best for attaching signs to larger objects such as poles & trees!

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about best practices or want some route marking tips and tricks please don’t hesitate to contact us!

My dad and I are here to provide valuable advice to help you make the best choices for your unique event.

RouteArrows are here to make your event a success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different RouteSign Options?

We have 4 unique types of RouteSigns, they are all: Reusable, Lightweight, Compact, & All Weather!

All of our Signs have perimeter holes to easily attach them to your stake, or existing hardware.

1) RouteFlectiv Signs: 12x12 inch square black and white signs, available in many Hi-Viv Reflective Arrow color options.

2) Blank Signs: Available in both black and white, 12x12 inch square signs, to be used with your RouteArrows.

3) Trail Signs: 8x8 inch squares of both black and white signs with numerous Reflective and Non-Reflective Arrow color options.

PRO TIP: We offer Reusable Zip-Ties in two lengths and 57 inch RouteCords to attach these signs to larger objects like trees, poles, etc!

Do you sell reflective or glow-in-the-dark arrows?


We do not sell individual reflective RouteArrow stickers but we do have reflective signage products: RouteFlectiv Signs and Trail Signs!

RouteFlectiv Signs always have a reflective arrow, and Trail Signs have reflective arrow options as well as hi-viz color choices.

They're great for both daytime and low-light night time route marking.

We don't have glow in the dark RouteArrows ... yet!

Do you offer discounts to non-profit organizations or fundraisers?

Yes, absolutely! From day one, RouteArrows has been proud to offer a 15% off discount to Non-Profit organizations and all fundraising events! We have a simple in-house form with a line for your 501 (c)(3) (or similar) tax ID number.
To receive your personalized non-profit discount code: Fill out the form HERE!
Once we approve your request, we will send you your code via email ASAP.

What if our route is partially or fully unpaved?

That’s not a problem and we have you covered!

First, our Blank Signs are great for routes with sections of dirt trail, gravel, grassy fields, sandy beaches, and even snow! You can put your RouteArrows on these our Blank Signs which make the bright RouteArrow colors really “POP!”

Second, we also have RouteFlectiv Signs for events where participants have headlights / at night! These reusable signs are one foot square, and have one (daytime hi-viz & night-time reflective) RouteArrow on one side. They’re are available in 5 packs and can be zip-tied, or otherwise attached to your own stakes, or existing roadside hardware (with permission, of course!)

Third, we have small and mighty Trail Signs! Great for day or nighttime trail events. Our compact, heavy duty, 8x8 signs are available in both black and white (for max contrast) with either Reflective or hi-viz arrow color options.